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I.O.S.: Partner program

In addition to giving the maximum possible attention to every customer, I.O.S. focuses on its cooperation with professional market participants and permanent partners as well as providing particularly favourable terms in such cases.

If you are:

  • a law firm, or
  • an accounting firm, or
  • a bank or financial institution, or
  • an independent financial advisor, or
  • you otherwise work with clients on a professional basis,

then we will be pleased to offer you individually favourable terms for company registration services.

In this event, you will be able to supplement your main activities such as for example general legal services or banking services with company registration services. Such expansion of the range of your services may attract additional clients to your law firm or bank.

The provision of professional services in registration as well as maintenance of companies requires appropriate levels of experience and expertise. Cooperating with I.O.S., you may always direct the more complex questions of your clients to us; so you will receive an efficient and comprehensive reply which is based on our experience in excess of twenty years in company registration services.

Our Ready-made companies list which daily includes more than 200 companies from different jurisdictions, will allow your clients at any time to choose appropriate company in accordance with their requirements.

A further useful facility for our regular partners is the electronic system COMLINE where in a manner similar to online banking you will be able to reserve ready made companies which you require, to withdraw reservations, to monitor the status of the companies that you service, the status of your orders, and other operational issues.

If you are interested in possible permanent cooperation with us, please fill in the agent's application form or simply give us a call to discuss an arrangement that matches your specific circumstances and remains mutually beneficial.

Info Lines:
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