Wednesday, 20 February, 2019
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About our company

Dear Entrepreneur,

Thank you for your interest in our website and our services. We hope that you find the information of our home page useful for your business, and would be happy if your visit will lead to mutually beneficial cooperation with our company.

INTERNATIONAL OVERSEAS SERVICES (I.O.S.) provides professional assistance for the incorporation and further maintenance of companies in tax-exempt jurisdictions as well as in other countries.

It is well known that the service of professional and competent incorporation and further maintenance of the business entity is very important for almost every entrepreneur as it is a significant factor in his further business success.

The main cooperation partners and clients of INTERNATIONAL OVERSEAS SERVICES are professional market participants (audit, legal, financial and consulting firms). At the same time, we will be happy to provide the necessary advice also to individual entrepreneur who is in need of professional company registration services. With over 20 years experience we are confident that we have the depth of experience that satisfy the needs of every entrepreneur.

You will find more information about our business processes and quality standards in the section Principles of Work and Guarantees of our website.

INTERNATIONAL OVERSEAS SERVICES pays maximum attention to providing reliable and trustworthy corporate services to entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe and C.I.S. countries, and historically cooperates with professional service providers and other clients in these countries.

Our company is a professional Trust and Company Services Provider and is certified in accordance with the Anti Money Laundering Regulations.

When designing our website we invested a great deal of effort in making it user-friendly, specifically to ensure it would provide useful and objective information for any visitor interested in company incorporation services, given their relevance to many entrepreneurs.

We hope that you will find our website both interesting and useful.

Yours faithfully,

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