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International Overseas Services: Principles and Guarantees

International Overseas Services (I.O.S) has been active in the CIS and Eastern Europe market since 1994. It has gained a reputation as a reliable partner with our clients, which include banks, law firms and attorneys at law, as well as individual clients for over 20 years.

This was primarily due to the principles that I.O.S. has complied with in conducting its business and with regard to its clients, in particular:

  1. Pragmatic approach.
    We are dedicated to only cooperating with stable and trustworthy jurisdictions. We cooperate with reliable and experienced registered agents in those countries that have proven that they are able to consistently meet our quality standards. We do not use advertising slogans promising that ‘a non-resident company is an all-purpose key to solving all problems’, but rather give an objective description of corporate services as they are today, in that they are regulated by standards and laws to be complied with for long-term and stable operations. We anticipate that the timely provision of objective information to the client will remove any unpleasant surprises in the future.
  2. Quality of documentation.
    Scrupulously designed and tested standards of foundation documents of the companies that we register meet the highest statutory requirements of banks and government bodies. All constituent documents are legalized in accordance with international standards and may be submitted to the bank immediately. Certification of foundation documents is automatically included in the basic package and as such it is not an additional service.
  3. Clear area of competence.
    I.O.S. focuses its attention and experience on offering of registration and accompanying services, providing the client with a correct corporate tool. I.O.S. does not take over the role of tax advisers or financial consultants. In such cases, it is recommended to contact professional tax advisers or auditors who will give to the client professional tax advice in the country of incorporation or will obtain a Tax Ruling if this is required and is applicable in particular country.
  4. Constancy.
    By registering its non-resident company with the assistance of I.O.S., the client can be confident that throughout its future operation, whether within a month, a year or longer, he will be able to seek the advice of experienced professionals as regards more information, annual support, reporting, legalization of documents, or simply for advice to address different situations related to their non-resident company.
  5. Many years of experience.
    For many years I.O.S. has had direct contacts with incorporators in all on-shore and off-shore jurisdictions thus ensuring we have ability to fulfill all orders efficiently, within a reasonable time frame and without unexpected delays.
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