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I.O.S.: List of jurisdictions

INTERNATIONAL OVERSEAS SERVICES provides incorporation of companies both in tax-exempt jurisdictions and in other countries.

Having decided on the objectives of the new business activity, the entrepreneur’s primary decision is to select the most appropriate jurisdiction in which to incorporate a non-resident company.

Consequently, our aim is twofold:

  • to provide comprehensive details of jurisdictions that are of the interest to the entrepreneur.
  • to identify the key criteria that should be considered by the entrepreneur before choosing the jurisdiction for incorporation of his or her non-resident company.

The information provided in this section offers a detailed description of the advantages and disadvantages of each jurisdiction. However, there is a wide variety of options. I.O.S. consultants will always be glad to provide potential clients with advice and guidance on topics related to the client's specific situation.

Criteria for choosing a jurisdiction. If a jurisdiction existed that ideally satisfied the needs of every entrepreneur then selection of the country of incorporation would be extremely simple. However in the real world no such 'utopia' exists. We have therefore tried to define the criteria that should be essential for the entrepreneur in choosing the best option for the country of incorporation. To view those criteria, please click here.

Map of offshore jurisdictions. Due to the physical size of many of the popular jurisdictions it is frequently not easy to identify their location on a standard atlas. Therefore we have created a special interactive map. Simply open the map, then click on the name of the jurisdiction of interest, and the jurisdiction will appear on the map in a different colour.

This way, the entrepreneur will always be able to refer to the specific jurisdiction of interest in any region of the world. We have also included time zones on the map to enable the entrepreneur to calculate the time difference between his hometown and the jurisdiction selected.

Description of jurisdictions. To make this user-friendly, all jurisdictions are divided into two groups:

  1. tax-exempt jurisdictions
  2. other jurisdictions.

To view the full characteristics of each of these groups, click on the name of the group in the table below; or if you want to view a specific jurisdiction, just click on its name.

The names of the jurisdictions, where INTERNATIONAL OVERSEAS SERVICES currently has “Ready-Made” companies, appear in bold in the table. We should be glad to incorporate a company to order in other jurisdictions.

Tax-exempt jurisdictionsOther jurisdictions
BahamasAustralia - Pty
BelizeCanada - EPC
British Virgin IslandsCanada - L.P.
Costa RicaCanada - LLP
GibraltarDenmark - ApS
Hong KongDenmark - K/S
Marshall IslandsIreland - Limited
NevisIreland - L.P
Panama SAMalta
Panama SRLNetherlands - BV
Panama - PFNetherlands - CV
SeychellesSingapore – PTE
 Singapore – LLP
 South Africa
 Sweden - KB
 United Arab Emirates
 U. K. (England) - L.P.
 U.K. (Northern Ireland) – L.P.
 U. K. (Scotland) - L.P.
 U. K. (Wales) - L.P.
 United Kingdom - LLP
 United Kingdom - Limited
 United States of America
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