Friday, 22 March, 2019
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The administrative addresses & secretarial services

In certain instances where a non-resident company is being used, especially when it acts as a foreign supplier, purchaser or foreign agent, it may be worth making the company's foreign status more prominent by establishing an acting administrative office abroad.

Accordingly, any business partner of the company, any other institution or just any interested party will be able to send a fax, email or supply information over the telephone to the administrative office, and this data will be forwarded to the owner of the company.

The administrative office serves as a link between the respondent and the beneficial owner of the company, which stresses that the company belongs to the relevant country.

The administrative office service, including lines for telephone calls and faxes as well as a mailing address, may be arranged in a number of countries. Frequently, the administrative office service is ordered in the country where the company is incorporated, but some administrative addresses accept companies from other jurisdictions for servicing as well.

Total costs for the maintenance of the administrative office include a flat annual fee plus technical expenses for sending outgoing mail. This depends on the customer wishes regarding the frequency and terms of sending.

In some jurisdictions, an additional feature is a private individual telephone line for a particular company. In this event, the call on the separate line may be redirected to the telephone number specified by the customer on a regular basis.

The administrative office may be provided in such cities as London (United Kingdom), Nicosia (Cyprus), Copenhagen (Denmark), Wilmington (United States of America), and others.