Thursday, 21 March, 2019
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Non-resident companies aged one to twenty years

In certain instances, it is important for an entrepreneur to purchase a non-resident company that was incorporated a certain time ago. Such established companies can be very useful in the following instances:

  • where a significant business contract is entered into, it is quite possible that an entirely new company incorporated only a few months ago but intending to sign a significant contract may cause surprise to its business partners and other interested persons;
  • where documents are being prepared for a loan, even if there is a guaranteed collateral, the bank usually prefers the debtor company to have some business history;
  • where a company receives leasing services for the same reasons as above;
  • although in most cases the entrepreneur may have the required experience when participating in a tender for the supply of products or services, a specific legal entity to be involved in a particular project may also need to have some business history.

Given all of the above, INTERNATIONAL OVERSEAS SERVICES have on offer a wide range of companies that were incorporated at least a year ago. IOS have available around an average of some 40 to 60 names of such entities on their Ready-Made daily list. These are companies that have been incorporated which have not conducted any operations but have met all the requirements of the country of their incorporation to remain in good standing status over the years. Upon the purchase of such a company, in addition to the basic purchase price the new owner will need to cover any expenditure incurred that was necessary to keep the company viable for the period from incorporation to the purchase date including covering, inter alia, annual government fees.

In our experience, companies incorporated about one year ago are the most popular, but I.O.S. can also offer for sale companies with the date of incorporation going back as far as 1995.