Wednesday, 20 February, 2019
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Company names in any language or alphabet

Most countries of the world do not restrict the semantic content of the name of the company incorporated there unless it indicates banking, insurance, trust operations or duplicates the name of any state or government authority.

Accordingly, the name of a non-resident company in the broadest sense can be any combination of letters that does not need to have any meaning in English. However, the company name according to the needs of most jurisdictions will need to be written in Latin letters such as for example SIRIUS Ltd.

The entrepreneurs who would be willing to incorporate a non-resident company according to the above example under the same name expressed in Cyrillic or Chinese characters should establish that company in jurisdictions where the legislation allows for the incorporation of companies under names written in foreign characters.

There are an increasing amount of jurisdictions in the world which accept incorporation of foreign character names. Such incorporation is possible, for example, in the jurisdictions of Belize or the Seychelles.

Additionally, the British Virgin Islands, after the corporate law BVI Business Companies Amendment Act 2012 was amended, now accepts the registration of names with foreign characters.