Dear Entrepreneurs,

For all of you, who should have received our private newsletter re. termination of International Overseas Services, as of 2017, herewith repeat our announcement of 2nd January 2017.

For many years, International Overseas Services (IOS) have been an equality sign for reliable and comprehensive consulting for corporate entities in a number of jurisdictions worldwide.

Many businessmen, by obtaining qualified consulting and corporate support from IOS for their businesses, have been able to maintain their positions in international markets in the environment of constantly increasing competition.

During these years, under the trademark / brand name of IOS there have been engaged various independent law firms, consulting, legal and other bureaus over four continents worldwide.

While offices representing franchise of IOS in various countries were independent from each other, their common feature was – equally high level of requirements on the matters of KYC, Due Diligence and AML. Simultaneously with increasing of these requirements over the world, there was always also respective increase in KYC/AML requirements for clientele of IOS.

Numerous informative articles published by IOS have supported entrepreneurs with reliable and comprehensive information in regard of current changes of corporate and tax legislation.

However, today’s commercial world is constantly changing - and, taking into account the increasing distinctiveness of business environment in different jurisdictions, it has become no more actual for independent legal offices to continue to work under the same IOS franchise - since the actual areas of work in particular countries, and furthermore, legislative requirements have gradually become more and more different, if compared by one jurisdiction to another jurisdiction.

In particular, most relevant and required services which law firms would provide today are commercial risk assessment, examination and evaluation of commercial contracts and agreements, compliance checks, accounting/pre-audit/audit services, family office, AML/CTF consulting, i.e., services which may have and are having increasingly significant differences from one jurisdiction to another.

Hence, International Overseas Services (IOS) thank our valued Customers in all countries worldwide for the successful cooperation throughout many years - and hereby announce step-by-step termination of the business by ending its existence under the unified brand of IOS (International Overseas Services).

Existing clients shall arrange for direct liaison with their primary contact (law bureau, consulting firm, corporate service provider, etc.), to establish fully independent cooperation with this particular bureau / firm in accordance with its service terms, conditions and rules compliant to the present legal environment and actual legislative norms of particular jurisdictions.

Alternatively, for whatever technical and/or consultancy questions or queries related to the previously existing International Overseas Services, please feel free to send your request to the informative representatives, by the way of filling out the form below.

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